6 Most Famous Sports Bettors In The World Of Betting

world of sports betting offers glamor. attractiveness Lots of excitement and wealth So it’s no surprise that millions of people try their luck every year in sports betting to win big.

But few succeeded. and those who do are those who are diligent. Strategy and a little bit of luck Most star gamblers around the world live solitary lives. And there is very little public information about them. This article lists and lists some of the biggest sensations in the world of sports betting.

1. Billy Walters

Born in a small rural town in Kentucky ( Kentucky ) William T. Walters aka Billy Walters (Billy Walters) Considered the most successful sports bettor of all time. He has an outstanding and enviable record for just one loss in 39 years! now retired Billy claims to have won 57% on his sports bets. earning more than $50 million a month at its peak It all started in the 1980s when he joined a group that used computers to check the results of sporting events. Billy Used to identify the weakest betting line from the information provided by his colleague. And place the biggest bet It was how he became a master of the game. It made him the king of the game. Invent by yourself and continuously create new methods .

2. Parlay Patz

Benjamin Tucker Patz (Benjamin Tucker Patz) who lives in New York as a 23-year-old And Chaya said that he was a sports betting boy . He became known for betting on football steps ( parlays ) . 13 legs and 15 legs and the door-to-door parlay master. Reports claim that he has accumulated more than $1.1 million in winnings in 50 days. however His dreams are like running a roadblock when he faces a lawsuit for sending threats in interstate or foreign trade.

3. Tony Bloom

Nobody knows about Tony Bloom. ( Tony Bloom ) A lot except the ownership of EPL team Brighton & Hove Albion. His reputation as a cold-blooded killer at the poker table earned him the nickname ‘The Lizard’. Tony is famous for making high-risk bets. Sophisticated data analytics models and an endeavor worth more than a billion dollars. He opened the gambling consulting firm Starlizard . which caters to famous betting enthusiasts The company is based in London. The agency reportedly bet around £1m a week on every football game.

4. Bill Benter

William (Bill) Benter Born in 1957 in Pittsburgh . United States And probably one of the most charismatic gamblers of all time. Let’s start with blackjack. (blackjack) He moved to Hong Kong to bet on horses. He designed a flawless system that could predict the winning probability of each horse race. He won $2 million in 1991, which changed to $30 million in 1997. The most defining moment was when he successfully predicted the winner of 3 races at once at odds of 1 in 10 million, but Still winning, however, he didn’t take the winnings. So donate all money to charity.

5. Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo Unlike other gamblers on this list not hiding from the public eye You can find him on American Overnight Sports. ( Sports Overnight America ) or ESPN He is open and honest about his strategy and tries to help other gamblers. Betting for nearly 40 years, he earned a reputation for having one of the longest recorded baseball betting practices, winning 25 games in a row. ( Marco ) Began betting on horses at age 17. He had a capital of $50 and made a profit of $5,000 by betting on local bookmakers .

6. Zeljko Ranogajec

Australian Zeljko ‘The Joker’ Ranogajec Living in the suburbs of Sydney is one of the world’s largest gambling enterprises. He started with Blackjack and has his name in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. However, his interest shifted to horse racing. And he is the owner of Colossus Bets , a British gambling enterprise, operating a British horse racing pool in partnership with 55 racecourses. Zeljko reportedly has an annual global turnover of more than $ 1 billion. Zeljko bets every minute of every Sports day around the world


This article lists the most exciting names in the gambling world, in no particular order. The list is by no means exhaustive and we only nominate six gamblers. Gamblers like Steve Fezzik, 50 Cent, Pete Rose, So Money and Ashton Kutcher all have big ideas in the gambling world. We advise gambling lovers with major gambling addictions to get expert help.

Register here at Game Ape . and place bets on your favorite sports! Enjoy betting!

Register here at Game Ape and place bets on your favorite sports! Enjoy betting!

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