Slots Hit Rates: How Important Are They?

Slot Hit Rates And Why Is It Important ?

Slot machines are one of the lowest paying online casino games of all time.

Players have the opportunity to earn more cash back if they play games like roulette and video poker or Blackjack, but we can all agree that slot machines are really easy and fun. Because this game doesn’t have much strategy. Even amateurs can play and have fun in the casino.

But still Slots are unpredictable and even rough sessions.

Just once can lead you to believe that the game is regulated because the RTP rate in slot machines is terrible.

So what can you do ?

We suggest you look at the hit rate. ( Hit rate) of the machine you want to play before starting hit rate (Hit rate) It can let you know how often a slot machine will pay out.

Hit rate in slots ?

Hit rate is also known as win frequency. This generally refers to the average frequency with which you can expect slot machines to pay out.

The percentage of spins you expect a slot machine to pay out is the win frequency. If the machine has a 27% hit rate, you can expect a payout of 27% on spins.

A slot machine with a 27% hit rate is expected to pay more often than a machine with a 22% hit rate. However, the hit rate does not take into account the amount paid out.

But how often is it calculated?

So you can bet $1 and get back only $0.2 and it will still count as a win. As far as hit rate is concerned , It doesn’t take into account the amount the machine dispenses. But only the frequency will be considered.

The average win frequency of slots is between 25%-27%, which means that you have a chance of winning about a quarter of a round.

There are definitely slots that can have a very high or very low hit rate . Some have a 20% hit rate while others have 30% or higher.

Usually, a lower strike rate indicates a larger reward and higher volatility. And the vice versa is true for machines with higher attack rates. It’s not always true.

But most often it is A higher hit rate doesn’t mean you get more money, just you.

can expect to win more often There are some slots that pay a maximum hit rate of 35-40% , but these are very rare.

Where can you find hit rates for online slots ?

Hit rate can be a very important factor in choosing the games you want to play. Unfortunately, not all online casinos have such information. But if you can take the time to look for it on the casino’s website. You’ll probably find it hidden in the fine print. The information is usually found in the information section of the casino game. You click on the ‘ i ‘ button which indicates information. There you can scroll down until you find the statistics of the game. This may include hit rate along with player return rate and volatility.

The volatility of the game shows that it is unpredictable. The higher the volatility The more inconsistent the game wins are. It is short-term data rated on a scale of 1-10 . However, the RTP shows us how much money you can expect to get back from the machine. RTP 96% or return to player. This means you can expect to get back $ 96 for every $ 100 you wager.

Why is hit rate important ?

Now that we’ve covered all the basics of how hit rate works , let’s talk about why it’s important.

1. It lets you know how often you can expect wins. Depending on luck, slots can make you feel lost. But having these numbers will give you a slight advantage. If you want more consistent wins You should choose a slot with a higher win frequency.

2. You can also avoid slot machines that pay infrequently. It can be very frustrating to sit and play slots for a long time without winning anything. It’s a waste of money and can have a negative effect on your bankroll. Playing at the high-frequency machines at least guarantees you some of your money back.

3. Slots are inconsistent and can affect your bankroll. But if you have an idea of how often a slot pays out. You can control how you want to spend money in your account.


Slots can be difficult for everyone, both experienced and non -experienced , but these information and statistics can help you choose the best slot machine for yourself. So next time you want to log in and play slots. Don’t forget to do some research first.

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